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Energy Conservation

Programs that conserve existing energy resources, ensure efficient use of available energy and develop new energy sources while protecting the quality of the environment.

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Water Resources Conservation

Programs that preserve and protect water resources from indiscriminate losses or waste, improve the efficiency of its use, encourage water-saving practices to reduce costs and slow the depletion of the water supply, and ensure that the supply of quality water is adequate to meet the needs of the public, agriculture and industry.

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Energy Information Services

Programs that provide information about energy, energy utilization, products that use energy, or weatherization options including specific tips about products and techniques that can make people's homes and businesses more energy-efficient and reduce energy consumption. Energy information may be accessed on a website or in person; by telephone, email, chat, text or other communication channel; and in a self-serve, browsable format (for example a web resource directory or library of audio recordings) or provided by live agents with expertise in the field.

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