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Adult High School Diploma Programs

Programs that offer a series of courses that are especially designed for adults who have not completed their high school education which focus on life skills necessary for personal and job success. The instructional components in the program include reading, writing, listening, speaking, mathematics, participatory democracy and consumer awareness as well as health, home, personal and family relationships, academic and/or vocational specializations and advanced studies. Individuals who successfully complete the program receive a high school diploma.

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GED/High School Equivalency Test Sites

Programs that administer the writing, social studies, science, reading and mathematics examinations that adults and eligible minors who have not completed their formal education can take to obtain a high school equivalency certificate.

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Family Literacy Programs

Programs that provide instruction in reading, writing and comprehension for young children in the company of their parents or caregivers to create a literate home environment and enhance the academic achievement of the children. Some programs may include basic training in speaking, numeracy/mathematics and problem solving skills, and target high needs groups such as families with low incomes.

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Test Preparation

Programs that help prospective students study for major entrance examinations for colleges and universities, placement tests, examinations that are prerequisites for acceptance into graduate level programs, military entrance exams, civil service and other professional exams, citizenship tests and other standardized tests. The courses, which may be available via the Internet, usually focus on the content areas covered by the examination, the format of the specific test, and test-taking techniques that can be used to increase the individual's speed and confidence. Practice questions may be available as well as essay evaluation materials, where applicable.

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