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Wildlife Conservation

Programs that are responsible for the conservation, protection, care and management of fish and wildlife resources and their habitats.

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Wildlife Safety Education

Programs that are designed to increase public awareness of the measures people can take to ensure their own safety and that of their children and pets (as well as the animals themselves) when dealing with alligators, bears, bobcats, urban dwelling coyotes, mountain lions, raccoons and other wildlife that are encountered in the urban environment, in parks and forests, on hiking trails and in other settings. Included are general wildlife safety programs and those that deal with a specific type of wildlife.

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Wildlife Exhibitions

Programs that house a collection of living creatures for the purposes of conservation, research, education and public viewing.

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Wildlife Appreciation Societies

Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals to pursue their interest in birds, animals, fish, reptiles, insects or other species, often through the medium of a club or society that is under the leadership of people who are knowledgeable in the subject. Activities may include lectures, slide show or other presentations that provide information about different species, their habitats and their habits; expeditions that enable participants to observe and enjoy wildlife in the out-of-doors; and opportunities for members to share their own experiences with wildlife. Included are Internet-based virtual clubs, WebRings devoted to the subject and clubs where members meet face-to-face.

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