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Farmers Markets

Programs that enable farmers to gather in empty parking areas or similar spaces and sell freshly picked produce directly to consumers at lower than retail but higher than wholesale prices.

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Grocery Delivery

Food markets that accept online and/or telephone orders and deliver food and household supplies to the homes of people who are unable to go out and shop on their own behalf or who prefer to have their groceries delivered. Also included are food pantries that deliver the food to people with illnesses, disabilities, transportation issues or other extenuating circumstances which prevent them from picking it up; and programs that place online orders for older adults, people with disabilities and individuals who are struggle with using a computer or have no Internet access.

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Grocery Stores

Retail markets that sell food and household merchandise. Some establishments may specialize in a particular type of product, e.g., fruits and vegetables or fish.

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Good Food Boxes

Programs, often operated in conjunction with community centres, that make fresh and nutritious food and produce from local farms available to low-income individuals and families at affordable prices.

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U-Pick Programs

Programs organized by growers that allow customers to come into their fields and pick or harvest the produce they want to purchase. Prices are lower than retail, and picking baskets and ladders are often provided.

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