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Local Transit Passes

Programs that issue identification cards that people can use in lieu of cash to pay for mass transit services.

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Toll Road/Bridge Passes

Programs that issue passes which allow people who use toll roads or bridges on a regular basis to pay tolls on a monthly basis instead of waiting in line at toll plazas; or which issue passes or other credentials that allow individuals who meet eligibility requirements to travel on toll roads and/or bridges at discount rates or no cost. Some passes are E-passes or transponders which can be read electronically by the toll-taking facility. People pay in advance and tolls are automatically deducted from their account as they pass through the toll plaza.

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Transportation Smart Cards

Programs that use contactless smart cards (credit card sized plastic cards with an embedded antenna and computer chip) that people can use to pay for subway, light rail, bus, bus rapid transit, paratransit and ferry services, as well as fares and tolls on other transportation systems. Some electronic toll transponders for highway toll collection also accept smart cards. Smart card systems have data communications and data processing capabilities that are superior to traditional ticketing, magnetic stripe and token-based systems. They permit fare systems to collect and share data and facilitate projects such as integrating multiple transit operators under a regional fare clearinghouse, or supporting human service operations where ride tracking, eligibility and billing data is shared and stored. In addition, the contactless capability of smart cards demands much less manual dexterity than tokens and magnetic-stripe farecards, making them easier for some passengers to use. Transportation smart card systems may be used in the future as the basis for integrated transit fare, parking payment and highway toll collection.

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