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Audiological Evaluations

Programs that establish the nature and extent of an individual's hearing loss in order to devise an appropriate treatment plan. Evaluations may include pure tone and speech audiometry which measure hearing in terms of reception of calibrated test tones or spoken words which are presented at controlled levels of intensity; impedence tests which measure the integrity of the middle ear system and rule out conductive pathology; and auditory brain stem tests which utilize equipment similar to an EKG to measure neurological activity in response to auditory stimuli.

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Auditory Training

Programs that teach individuals who have hearing impairments to make full use of their residual hearing through amplification (hearing aids or cochlear implants) in order to facilitate development of receptive and expressive language skills with a focus on appropriate inflection patterns, and rhythm and rate of speech.

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Sign Language Instruction

Programs that provide instruction in visual/manual communication systems that use hand shapes, facial expressions, and other body movements as alternatives to oral and written communication, particularly within the deaf community. Included are programs that teach preverbal infants and toddlers to use sign language as a way of communicating their needs.

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