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Immigrant/Newcomer Accompaniment Programs

Programs that accompany people who are new to the country and may face language and other cultural barriers when establishing themselves, particularly during the first months of following arrival. Escorts are generally volunteers with a shared ethnocultural background who provide assistance in key areas such as housing, employment and education as well as help with other necessities of daily living such as understanding the local public transit system, opening a bank account and learning the location of stores that sell familiar items.

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Immigrant Mutual Assistance Associations

Programs developed and staffed by former refugees and immigrants that help newly arrived people from their previous country or region of residence begin a new life in Canada. Mutual assistance associations address the unique cultural needs of the specific immigrant/refugee population they serve and provide a variety of services including cultural adjustment support, English or French language instruction, interpretation/translation services, housing and employment assistance, transportation, clothing and furniture, as needed, small business development assistance and help in accessing other social services.

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Newcomer Settlement Services

Programs that help newly arrived immigrant and refugee individuals or families make the adjustment to their new home and community. Services may include reception upon arrival; provision of a "welcome kit" of immediate necessities and information; collection and provision of household goods; cultural orientation and ESL or FSL classes; and assistance in locating housing and employment, using public transportation and identifying other needed services.

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Refugee Related Donations Management

Organizations that initiate fundraising drives to help support large groups of refugees being resettled in a community. The funds may be used to support the agency's own relief efforts, or distributed to organizations with a designated role in the initiative or directly to recent refugees.

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