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Graphic/Digital Design Services

Programs that provide design services for organizations that need assistance in creating words and images for commercial applications such as book production, posters and advertising. Graphic designers are responsible for concept design, layout and desktop publishing; and for employing techniques such as engraving, etching, silkscreen, lithography, offset, illustration and cartooning, painting, collage and computer graphics to effectively communicate ideas and information. Digital design specialists offer graphic design services which may include digital photography and image processing, computer generated visual media and high definition video for use in production of broadcast commercials, marketing DVDs and streaming Internet video. Also included are digital design studios that provide access to tools for audio, video, scanning and digital design which allow individuals and organizations to create their own materials.

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Post Offices

Local offices that are responsible for the collection, processing and delivery of letters, parcels, mailgrams and other material handled by the postal service as well as retail sales of postage stamps, mailing materials and other mail related items. Most post offices also have locked post boxes that customers can rent for delivery of their mail rather than relying on general mail delivery, a service that is provided at no cost.

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