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Internet Information Resources

Information and services available to people with personal computers equipped with Internet connections and the appropriate software.

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Online Connection Services

Commercial and community-based organizations that provide a means for people using personal computers equipped with modems to communicate with remote computers and access the information and services that are available through the selected service provider. These may include electronic mail, listservs, newsgroups/forums, frequently asked questions (FAQs), chat groups, computer file archives and the World Wide Web.

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Public Access Computers/Tools

Programs that make computers, printers and other electronic equipment available for public use, primarily for word processing, spread sheets and other document development applications. Public access computers can be found in libraries, schools, government buildings, science labs and research centres. Some companies such as The UPS Store provide computers the public can use for an hourly fee.

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Public Internet Access Sites

Programs, often offered by libraries, cyber cafes, and a variety of other government, nonprofit or proprietary organizations, that provide on-site Internet-enabled computers for public access.

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Public Wi-Fi Sites

Locations at which users of electronic equipment (PCs, tablets, smart phones) with Wi-Fi receivers can wirelessly connect to the Internet. This service is often provided as a convenience to customers at restaurants, hotels, bookstores and coffee shops as well as libraries; and the wireless connection can be either secure (which encrypts transmissions based on a password provided by the host) or unsecured. The Wi-Fi service may be provided at no cost or could involve a registration fee.

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