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The surgical removal of one or more limbs.

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Orthopedic Disabilities

Diseases or conditions which impair the musculoskeletal system including the skeleton, joints, muscles, fascia and other supporting structures such as the ligaments and cartilage.

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Oxygen Dependency

A condition in which people who have problems with the respiratory membrane are partially or totally dependent upon oxygen therapy to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues so that normal metabolism can occur to sustain life.

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A complete or partial loss of controlled movement caused by the inability to contract one or more muscles. Paralysis may be temporary or permanent; can result from numerous causes including brain, muscle or peripheral nerve disorders, injury, disease or the toxic effects of some drugs or metals; and can affect a range of muscles from a small facial muscle to many of the major muscles in the body. Loss of feeling in the affected areas may accompany the inability to move.

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Wheelchair Users

Individuals who are unable to walk or have difficulty walking because of temporary or permanent illnesses or injuries and who utilize wheelchairs to enhance their mobility.

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