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Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services

o    Warmly greet volunteer groups upon your arrival

o    Ensure that required supplies are available

o    Ensure tables and chairs are set up, and tables are set with cutlery and napkins in advance of mealtime

o    Prepare coffee and tea and set up the beverage station

o    Assist with client check-in as needed

o    Ensure groups are following safe food handling practices (use of hairnets, gloves) and adhering to KSM’s Meal guidelines

o    Provide oversight to teams throughout the community meal process to ensure teams stay on track, delegating tasks to meal group members if necessary to help them along

o    Be available for questions from the meal group and troubleshoot issues, providing assistance as needed

o    Identify and try to resolve client and/or logistical issues and escalate to the onsite KSM staff member as needed

o    Supervise the cleanup process ensuring the items on the KSM Kitchen Checklist are completed, and ensuring the kitchen and dining hall are left in a clean state

o    Discuss suitability of leftover food with KSM staff and package or discard, as required

o    Ensure kitchen waste bins are emptied and cleared to the appropriate compost, trash or recycling bin located outside of the building

Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services

o   To prepare the lunch according to the recipes provided, based on the Canada Food Guide and utilizing food sourced from the KSM market.

o   Serving and participating in the meal, building relationships with the moms, and interacting in a positive and respectful manner.

o   Cleaning up the prep station, doing the dishes and returning it to its original state.

Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services

o   Check in with Front Desk upon arrival and collect the Gym Supervisor’s bucket and a walkie talkie for Front Desk communication;

o   Set up a sign-in table and arrange a few chairs for parents who may accompany children into the gym;

o   Set up gym equipment (balls, hula hoops, games, etc.) in preparation for children’s arrival;

o   Warmly greet families as children are signed into the gym;

o   Engage children in play, while staying conscious of the active play in the gym;

o   Resolve minor disputes between children (and escalating it to parents in the event a resolution cannot be made);

o   Connect with Front Desk staff to engage parental support when necessary;

o   Encourage children to assist with clean up of gym equipment at 7:40 pm;

o   Usher families out at 7:50 pm for 8:00 pm KSM closing (the Meal Liaison will usher parents out of the dining hall to pick up children at 7:45 pm);

o   Check all doors in the gym to ensure they are closed;

o   Turn off lights upon exiting the gym;

Return the Supervisor’s bucket and walkie talkie to the Front Desk.

Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services
Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services

·        Prepare snacks for 20-40 children according to the menu and ingredients provided by KSM (working in a team of two on high volume days).
·        Follow safe food handling practices during food preparation and service
·       Set up food service area prior to children’s arrival
·       Plate/serve snack to participants
·      Interact positively with children
·     Clean up dining area and kitchen in accordance with KSM guidelines

Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services
o Once a week, deliver food parcels according to a prescribed route within the Oakville area (approximately 5-8 drop offs per shift) 
o Arrive at KSM at the scheduled time to pick up food parcels and load car 
o Follow route to clients addresses, following the drop off instructions on the list provided 
o If contact cannot be made, return the food parcels to KSM 
o Contact the Community Delivery Coordinator if any issues arise along the route and also to confirm deliveries have been made 
o Shred documents containing client information once deliveries are complete 
o Represent KSM in a positive and caring way with our clients and in the community
Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services
o On an occasional basis, meet KSM staff and/or fellow volunteers at a local seniors building 
o If required, help bring food parcels from the delivery van into the building lobby 
o Deliver food parcels to clients’ apartment doors, per the client delivery list 
o Ensure parcels are delivered in a contact-less manner 
o Report any issues to the Community Deliveries Coordinator
Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services
o Support with stocking the KSM Food Market by loading in fresh food products, and bringing additional inventory from food storage locations. 
o Help to load and unload deliveries, putting items away in designated locations. 
o Engage with food donors ensuring they are appreciated, weigh donations, and input the donations into the tracking system accurately. 
o Shuffle inventory in storage locations as needed to maintain a steady flow of product following a first-in-first-out process. 
o Organize food in refrigeration units and ensure that the unit temperatures are maintained. 
o Keep the KSM warehouse and work areas clean and organized according to warehouse processes. Take out recycling and other clutter as needed. 
o Maintain a courteous and professional manner with staff and other volunteers 
o Occasionally accompany KSM staff to go offsite and help with additional loading and receiving tasks
Kerr Street Mission, Community Social Services
o Work with KSM’s Food Services Team to pick up donations from local stores and suppliers  
o Drive KSM van or own car between KSM and the donor’s destination 
o Greet donors warmly and thank them on behalf of KSM 
o Load donations carefully into vehicle 
o Transport donations to KSM and help unload them into the appropriate storage facility  
o Contact KSM if any issues arise along the route and also to confirm deliveries have been made 
o Drive carefully, obeying speed limits and local traffic/parking bylaws 
o Represent KSM in a positive way on the road and in the community