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Community Living Burlington
Various location in Burlington
Volunteer to spend time with an adult with developmental disabilities. Volunteer will connect virtually to explore hobbies and interests, engage in meaningful activities and to have FUN!
Adult Learning Centre, Georgetown - Head Office, Literacy and Basic Skills
Computer Tutor: small group tutoring for basic computer skills, 8 weeks per session. Conduct lessons using resources and outlines provided, communicate with staff, attend mandatory training workshop.
Community Living Burlington
3057 Mainway, Burlington
Volunteer with individuals both one to one and in groups. May include reading books, assisting with computer or reading skills, etc. May assist employees while attending events or activities in the community such as; going to the movies, shopping, walks in the community etc.
Community Living Burlington
Various homes in Burlington
Volunteer will spend time with an individual with developmental disabilities. Volunteer will connect virtually to explore interests and hobbies, engage in meaningful activities and have FUN!
Community Living Burlington
Various locations in Halton, depending on event
Community Living Burlington is looking for committed and dedicated people to assist with annual fundraising events. We are seeking people to assist our major events committing to being responsible for any of the following: 
- Obtaining donated items 
- Sponsorship 
- Community Awareness/Marketing 
- Selling Tickets 
- Joining fundraising event committees
Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children
Facilitation of open-ended peer support groups, in-person and online, for bereaved children, teens, adults.
Indus Community Services, Oakville Office, Newcomer and Employment Services
Virtual - Online
Currently, it is a virtual program. 
Responsibilities and Duties: (but not limited to) 
- Support South Asian parent(s), including international students with one-on-one guidance though their pregnancy, followed by ongoing support and mentorship post-pregnancy. 
- Build supportive relationships through conversation, discussion and provide encouragement to isolated parents in a culturally supportive manner. 
- Provide cultural safety information/resources to individuals who may fear repercussions of having a baby. 
- Mentor and role model to enhance parenting and child management skills. 
- Identify areas of support and connect parents to community resources. 
- Meet with parents on a regular basis and provide regular check-in to offer support on a regular basis at a mutually agreed upon time on a regular basis. 
- Complete all required documentation. 
- Report issues, concerns and all incidents to the Family Services Counsellor - Community Engagement Coordinator. 
- Adhere to the vision, mission and guiding values of the organization and the MASSI program. 
- Represent Indus in a professional manner at all times. 
- Be committed to the agency and the agreed upon hours. 
- Assist with all other duties as assigned.
Central West Specialized Developmental Services, Oakville - Main Office, Developmental Services
53 Bond Street, Oakville
The role of the Board of Directors is to govern and oversees the affairs of CWSDS. Board in-person meetings are held monthly in Oakville with teleconferences as required. Board Directors are required to attend all board meetings and must sit on at least one board committee. 
As a leader, you seek to volunteer with an organization committed to enhancing the lives of persons with Developmental Disabilities and their families.  
The primary role of the Board of Directors is to govern CWSDS according to the corporation’s Letters Patent, By-Laws and policies. In so doing, 
• We are responsible for hiring and overseeing the performance of the Executive Director. 
• We, in conjunction with the Executive Director and senior management, establish strategic directions and set risk strategy policies for the organization. 
• We provide operational oversight for the senior management team and ensure that CWSDS has a continuous quality improvement strategy and plan. 
In coming to the Board’s decisions, Board Members are expected to participate openly and vigorously in Board discussions so that the Board can make the best, most informed decisions and choices. Individual Board Members carry many duties and responsibilities in this process, including: 
• Duty of Knowledge  
• Duty of Diligence  
• Duty of Care  
• Fiduciary Duty  
• Duty of Skill & Prudence  
• Duty of Trusteeship 
With the combination of your personal interest, experience, and commitment to the sector and your professional expertise, you can help lead CWSDS.