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Rent Payment Assistance

Programs that make rental payments for people who are at risk of eviction without assistance. Also included are rent supplement programs that provide assistance with ongoing monthly rental costs. Rent payment assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.

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Rental Deposit Assistance

Programs that provide cash grants or loans for people who are in the process of acquiring rental housing and who can handle the monthly rental payments, but who do not have the assets to pay the first month's rent, in some cases, the last month's rent, and any security deposits required to move in.

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Rental Security Deposit Complaints

Programs that accept and, where possible, attempt to resolve complaints regarding a landlord's failure to place rental security deposits in trust accounts, to pay required interest on rental security deposits or to return the security deposit (plus accrued interest) within legal timeframes when the tenant moves out.

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Subsidized Housing Fraud Reporting

Programs that provide a hotline, website or other mechanisms that people can use to report alleged lease violations and other forms of fraud by tenants residing in public or subsidized housing communities. These programs also generally accept complaints about landlords who do not adequately maintain their property.

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Eviction Prevention Assistance

Programs that provide assistance for people who are being evicted from their apartments or other rental property either wrongfully or with reason, e.g. nonpayment of rent. Included are programs that provide legal support in the form of information on tenants' rights, help to navigate the eviction process, and/or mediation services to negotiate a compromise between the individual and the landlord. Eviction prevention programs can also provide a Housing First approach and include various strategies designed to maintain individuals and families in their current housing, such as rent banks, financial assistance with the cost of utilities, assistance securing other types of income support, third-party money management programs (trusteeship), and referrals to other types of community support.

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Landlord/Tenant Dispute Resolution

Programs that help tenants and landlords resolve disputes regarding security and other rental deposits, unsanitary conditions, failure to make repairs, privacy, notice requirements, excessive rent increases, nonpayment of rent, neglect or damage to property, overcrowding or other grievances.

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Tenant Rights Information/Counselling

Programs that provide information and guidance for tenants who need to know their rights and responsibilities regarding leases and rental agreements, deposits, legal eviction procedures, measures to protect themselves from unlawful or retaliatory evictions, rent withholding rights, rent control requirements, privacy rights and other issues that may be of particular interest to tenants. Tenant rights counselling may also include assistance in completing forms, advice regarding a particular dispute and contact with the offending landlord to provide notification that she or he is not in compliance with landlord/tenant laws.

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