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Public Health Advisories

Programs that issue bulletins or otherwise inform the public of occurrences that may constitute a public health emergency. Public health advisories may also include safety instructions for people who are likely to be affected by the situation.

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Traffic Bulletins/Information

Programs that issue bulletins to update the public about the flow of traffic on the roads and highways. The reports pinpoint the location of traffic accidents, disabled vehicles, construction and other problems that are causing stoppage or slowing on the freeways; estimate clearance time; and suggest alternate routes for travellers. Also included are programs that provide information about traffic conditions in response to specific requests.

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Weather Reports

Programs that issue bulletins to inform the public of current and projected weather conditions including high and low temperatures, estimates for chances of rain, precipitation levels, cumulative rainfall or snowfall figures, information about tides and currents, surf conditions, snow conditions, times for sunrise and sunset and other similar information. Also included are programs that offer taped information about travel weather, boating weather and aviation weather as well as general weather conditions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Wildlife Warnings

Programs that provide a mechanism for the public to report sightings of potentially dangerous animals such as bears and mountain lions, either in urban areas or close to commonly-used public trails; and/or which issue bulletins to notify the public that such sightings or actual attacks have occurred and advise the public to take suitable precautions.

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